3 Simple And Cost-Effective Ways To Increase The Privacy Levels Of Your Home's Windows

Posted on: 18 July 2017


Windows are an important feature in a home. They provide light and a feeling of increased spaciousness, and they allow you to enjoy the view and feel connected with your outdoor environment. If privacy is a concern for you, then you may be looking for ideas on how to enjoy the benefits of windows without allowing unfettered visual access to your home's interior. Here are three simple and cost effective ways you can increase the privacy levels of your windows.

1. Privacy film

Privacy film is a thin adhesive material that is applied to the external surface of the window. Once in place, it prevents anyone outside your home from seeing through the windows. From the inside of your home, you'll still be able to enjoy your view and the natural light through the window, with complete privacy.

Another benefit to adding privacy film to your windows is that it helps to filter out the harmful UV rays of sunlight. This will help to protect your family's skin from sun damage and your furniture and soft furnishings from fading and damage from UV rays.

2. Frosted films

Another window film that is excellent for enhancing your home's privacy is frosted film. This is applied in the same way as privacy film but is generally applied to the interior surface of your windows instead of the exterior surface. Frosted films diffuse the light that enters your home via the windows but won't significantly reduce light levels.

Frosted films don't provide the same unlimited external view as privacy film. For this reason, you may choose to use it on the bottom half of your windows, leaving the top half clear to look out through. This option will still provide adequate privacy, even for windows at ground level.

3. Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a great option if you want complete control over the privacy levels of your windows. The louvres can be raised, lowered or closed altogether. They also allow you to enjoy natural light and airflow in your living spaces without compromising on privacy.

As well as being incredibly practical, plantation shutters look beautiful. They're a timeless, fuss-free and attractive way to add charm and character to the interior of your home. Their simple lines and neutral look work well with any style of interior design, from ultra modern to more traditional.

If one of these options sounds like the perfect privacy solution for your home's windows, then contact your local window specialists. They can answer any further questions you may have and help you to decide which option will be best suited to your needs.