Why Should You Use Double Glazed Glass for Your Sliding Patio Doors?

Posted on: 12 May 2022


Glass patio doors provide uninterrupted views of your scenic backyard and patio area. The sliding design is a space-saving feature that makes these patio doors a practical option for smaller homes. Most glass doors today are double-glazed—they have two panes of glass separated by a gas-filled space. However, you may still find single-pane patio doors on the market. If you are torn between these two options, opt for double-glazed glass. Here are the reasons why you should use double-glazed glass for your sliding patio doors.

Soundproof your home

Does your patio overlook a busy street? Would you like to install glass doors without enduring noise from your backyard? If so, double-glazed sliding doors are an excellent choice. The more the materials in a door system, the more the door absorbs sound waves and soundproofs your home. In this case, the two layers of glass dampen sound vibrations through the door. For excellent acoustic insulation, pair the double-pane glass with a wooden or uPVC frame. You can close the doors to block out noise and enjoy a peaceful indoor space.

Boost energy efficiency

The trapped gas or air between the two sheets of glass acts as an excellent heat insulator. It prevents heat exchange between your home and the exterior space. This feature is crucial for homeowners looking to tighten their building's envelope. An inefficient glass door can lower energy efficiency and undermine insulation performance. 

Double-glazed patio doors allow you control over indoor temperatures and energy consumption. Your home will remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter months since no heat is gained or lost through the door. Consequently, you won't need to crank up your air conditioner or heating system. Therefore, if you are focused on energy savings, invest in a double-pane patio door.

Reduce condensation

Condensation usually occurs during winter when the cool outdoor air comes into contact with the warm glass. This heat exchange causes water droplets to form on the glass. The droplets on the glass block outdoor views and ruin the door's aesthetics. The condensation can also drip down your wooden door frame and cause mould growth and moisture damage. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is common in single-glazed glass doors.

Double-pane glass can reduce condensation on your sliding doors. The gas-filled space between the sheets of glass prevents heat exchange between the interior and exterior glazing. Consequently, the indoor air won't lose heat to the outdoor air and form water droplets on the glass. Therefore, there's less risk of condensation and water damage to your door frame. 

Double-glazed doors aren't just a mere trend in modern homes. These doors are incredibly functional and energy-efficient. Contact a reputable dealer for high-quality sliding patio doors.