How to Choose the Right Style of Window for Your Home

Posted on: 19 July 2017


When getting new windows, don't settle for whatever is cheapest as modern and stylish windows can easily enhance the look of the home from both the inside and the outside. You may also want to consider a certain window style for a small and awkward space, or one that lets in maximum sunlight and fresh air. Note a few tips for choosing the right style of window for every room of your home.

Top hung

Top hung windows have hinges on the top, and the bottom of the window gets pushed out to open, forming an inverse V. This window is good for rooms where you only need a small amount of fresh air but always want to maintain privacy, such as a bedroom. They're also a good choice for homes in the tropics or anywhere that gets lots of rainfall, as the tilt of the window will allow water to roll away from the home when it's raining.

Accordion windows

Accordion windows are several panes that are attached by hinges; the windows fold up and slide to the left or right to open. These windows are good for when you want to open the entire window, but don't have necessary clearance outside the home for a casement window; because accordion window panes fold against each other as they open, they require clearance less space for opening.

Bay and bow windows

Bay and bow windows jut out from the home in a curved shape; while they are similar, bay windows involve three panels, one on each side and one in the middle. Bow windows will usually have four or five panels, creating a more pointed and angular shape.

Both bay and bow windows can be as tall and wide as standard windows, but they're often designed to be much larger, so that they allow for maximum sunlight and fresh air when opened. Window seats are also often installed under these windows, as a cosy spot for reading or to grow plants that need lots of light.

Stationary windows

Stationary windows are good for when you won't need to open a window, but still want sun in the room. One advantage of aluminium is that it can be fabricated into just about any shape for a window frame, so talk to your window installer about your options. You might want a long and narrow window installed in a long hallway, or a rounded window that adds some style to your home office and allows a nice view of the property.