How to Select the Best Double Glazed Windows

Posted on: 19 July 2017


Different manufacturers make double-glazed windows with different features that are geared at addressing the specific needs of different clients. It is therefore important for each homeowner to scrutinise the specific features of the windows on the market so that he or she is sure that those features will address his or her needs. This article discusses some of those key features that you should pay attention to as you select double-glazed windows for your home.

Condensation Resistance

Condensation can easily form on windows when your home is being heated during the colder months of the year. The best way to keep this condensation at bay is by selecting double-glazed windows that have been specifically designed to stop condensation. Such windows are made using vinyl, fibreglass or wood frames. Metallic frames, such as aluminium ones, should be thermally broken in order to prevent condensation.

Daylight and View

The windows that you select should not impede your ability to enjoy an exterior view from your property. Different aspects of double-glazed windows can ensure that you can still enjoy that view. For example, the level of visible transmittance in the glass used should exceed 50%. Glasses with lower transmittance levels will make it hard for you to enjoy exterior views from inside your home. Larger windows are also suitable for people who want to enjoy the view outside their windows.

Sound Control

Double-glazed windows often have varying levels of sound attenuation due to the specific features built-in to control sound. Is sound control important to you? Examine the thickness of the panes used in the double-glazed windows that you want to buy. The best windows should have panes of different sizes. Those different thicknesses alter the magnitude of any sound that tries to pass through them.

Durability and Lifetime

You can get value for money if you buy the most durable double-glazed windows for your home. How can you identify those durable windows? A good place to start is by comparing the warranty offered with the different brands or models. The most durable windows usually have longer warranties than windows with a shorter expected lifespan.

Use the tips above to help you to select the best double-glazed windows based on concrete considerations instead of simply relying on the appearance of those windows alone. It may also be helpful for you to get the help of an expert so that he or she recommends different options that are ideal for your location and property.