Important Tips to Remember When Choosing Your Home's Window Treatments

Posted on: 19 July 2017


Your home's window treatments may be more important than you realize; not only do they block light and provide privacy, but they can also offer a nice backdrop for a room, adding colour and style to your home's overall decor. When you are ready to shop for new window treatments, note a few tips to remember, so you know you get a style and material that you'll love for years.


In a family room, dining room, or other such space, you may want some privacy while still allowing sunlight into the room. Curtains only offer you the option of being opened or closed, so you can have privacy or sunlight, but not both. While you might add sheers behind the curtains that you can close for privacy, this can then make the window treatments too bulky for small spaces. A better choice might be blinds or shades in a semi-sheer fabric; these will obscure the view into the room but still allow in some natural light.


Don't assume that motorized blinds or shades are just for the very wealthy or the very lazy! If you have a window over a bathtub, a motorized control or a remote can allow you to easily operate blinds or shades, without reaching over or crawling into the tub. A motorized control can also allow you to place furniture right up against a window, and then close or open the window treatments without climbing on a couch or having to move it out of the way.

Unobtrusive look

While window treatments can add fabric and style to a room, you may prefer something as unobtrusive as possible. If so, opt for shutters, blinds, or shades the same colour as the room walls. These window treatments fit into the window frame so they look as if they're simply part of the windows themselves, and being the same colour as the walls makes them virtually invisible.


You may be concerned with the durability of a window treatment material, but also note if the material would match the style of a room. Wood shutters are very traditional and might not work in a modern home, whereas vinyl shutters can seem more updated and less traditional. Heavy corduroy curtains can seem out of place in a sunroom, whereas a light linen or cotton can easily blend into the overall look. Fabric blinds may be better than metal blinds in a bedroom or other space where you want some softness and warmth.