What You Might Not Know About Aluminium Windows

Posted on: 19 July 2017


Aluminium windows are a popular option for many homeowners today, as they're very durable yet lightweight, so they don't put added stress on an older home with a weakened frame. Aluminium windows can also break up the look of too much wood around a window frame or the look of plain white interior walls more so than vinyl windows. If you're thinking of getting aluminium windows for your home, note why they're such a great choice, and then discuss this option with an installer as necessary.


You may assume that aluminium windows are always their natural grey colour, but metal windows can be powder coated. This refers to a process of adding a colour in powder form and then attaching it to the material with an electrical charge. Powder coating can allow you to have windows of virtually any colour, so your aluminium windows can act as a nice accessory to your red brick home or to your home's drab interior. A crisp white, black or red tone are often favourite choices, so consider one of these for aluminium windows in your home.


Aluminium is actually naturally rust resistant, so you shouldn't worry about rust and corrosion around the windows, even if your home should suffer a water leak or high humidity levels. This resistance to corrosion is actually one reason why aluminium windows are often preferred in older homes or those with draughty window frames as the material won't get damaged by water or trapped humidity.

Heat and cold

It is true that metal, including aluminium, will conduct some heat and cold. However, aluminium windows will usually absorb that temperature and may not actually radiate it into the house. You might notice that the windows themselves seem slightly hot or cold to the touch during extreme weather, but the amount of outside heat or cold that passes through the windows usually depends more on the window glass than the window frame. If you have double-glazed windows or tempered glass in the windows, you shouldn't notice any extra strain on your furnace or air conditioner if you choose aluminium frames.

Cleaning and maintenance

Metal naturally stays very clean, so your aluminium windows shouldn't pick up fingerprints or smudges like wood or vinyl windows. Aluminium is also very durable despite its lighter weight, so it doesn't typically need any repair work over the years. As said, you won't need to remove rust spots, and the metal won't absorb moisture that causes it to cup and bow.