Installing Bi-Fold Doors on Your Windows: 3 Things to Consider

Posted on: 27 July 2017


If you are looking for a way to cover your windows, a set of bi-fold doors can be a great choice. Bi-fold doors are designed to open in a way that allows them to fold mostly flat against the surrounding wall space; this allows you an unencumbered opening and a fantastic view. Bi-fold doors are also a great way of protecting your windows and your property when you are out of the house or during the night. If you are considering investing in bi-fold doors, you should consider the following points.

The Handle

While it may seem like a minor point, the type of handle you choose for your bi-fold doors can make a big difference. You will typically have the option of installing a lever or a knob onto the doors. Both of these options have their pros and cons. A lever is a good way to disperse the weight of the doors when you need to pull it open or closed. This makes it the ideal choice for wooden or glass bi-fold doors, as these tend to be weighty options. A knob helps to create a classic look for your bi-fold doors, but it may make it difficult for the elderly or those with conditions such as arthritis to operate the doors.

The Lock

You will want to make sure that you can properly secure your bi-fold doors to prevent intruders from entering your home when you are away or asleep in your bedroom. Because bi-fold doors are often placed on larger patio windows, they can be a very tempting target for thieves. While all bi-fold doors will be fitted with a standard latch and lock, you should also consider installing a deadbolt lock as a layer of extra protection.

The Number of Doors

When installing bi-fold doors, you will have an option of installing one set that completely covers the glass or two smaller sets that meet in the middle of the window. While it can be convenient to have one set installed, you should keep in mind that this can result in the doors looking unsightly when they are folded open, as they will sit out some distance from the wall. Opting for two sets of bi-fold doors can also be a good choice if the doors are made from a heavy material such as glass or wood.

If you would like further advice about installing bi-fold doors on your windows, you should contact a window company.