Where to Add Interior Bi-fold Doors In Your Home

Posted on: 15 August 2017


Bi-fold doors are a great alternative to standard doors, as the panels of bi-fold doors are often smaller than regular entryway doors, making them perfect for a small room or closet. However, another advantage of these doors is that they can fold up against the wall, accordion-style, to offer more clearance between rooms and a more grand, sweeping feeling to an entryway.  Note a few places where you might have bi-fold doors installed in your home to conserve space or just to improve the overall look and feel of a certain area.

The living room and dining room

If you entertain often, you might opt for large bi-fold doors between the living room and the dining room. This can make for easier foot traffic in and out of those spaces, and it can also allow you to keep the space open when dining, for a more relaxed atmosphere. Having bi-fold doors that open in the middle can also give you that grand feeling you may want between the living room and the formal dining room.


If your bedroom has an attached sitting room or bathroom, a standard entryway door between them may not be the right choice. You may prefer to view the bedroom when soaking in the tub, or you may prefer a larger, more open clearance between the bedroom and sitting room.

You might also have more control over the view from one room or the other when you choose bi-fold doors; for example, if the bedroom has large windows but the sitting room does not, a standard entryway door may cut off the view of those windows. By replacing most of the wall between those rooms with several door panels, you can open what area you prefer for the best view from either room.

Laundry, mudroom or utility room

It's good to put up doors to a laundry room, mudroom, or utility room so that you can close off the view of these areas from other parts of the house. A standard door might look too utilitarian in those areas and also may not allow enough clearance for oversized laundry baskets, tools and the like.

Your mudroom or utility room might also be used for your pets if you bathe them there or keep their food and water dishes in that spot. Having accordion-style bi-fold doors that you can open completely can mean less dirt, scratches and other damage from the pet as they make their way in and out of that area.