Key Considerations when Buying a Security Door

Posted on: 14 August 2018


A door is an essential feature in every house. It is one of the first things that a visitor sees in your home. The door also helps keep away intruders and protects you from severe weather. A security door can give you extra protection in case your home is under attack. Many people are increasingly finding security doors a better option as compared to traditional doors. They are a standard feature in most offices, hotel rooms and homes.

If you are looking for a security door, below are several features of modern security doors that you should look out for.


The design of the door should be appealing to you. The doors should not only provide security but should also enhance the aesthetics of your house. Modern security doors incorporate various patterns, and some even have hinged glass. You, however, do not want too much glass on your door since people on the outside will see the inside of your house.


Security doors can be made from wood, steel, aluminium or fibreglass. Steel doors offer the best protection. Aluminium and wood doors might be light and easy to break through. Fibreglass doors are preferred in areas prone to extreme weather as the material is a poor conductor of heat.

Locking systems.

The locking system on the door has to be practical. For instance, if small children have to use the door, the lock should not be too high. The lock should also have more than one key. You can also choose a door that incorporates electronic systems. You can choose a remote control, fingerprint, microchip, card or retina scanning system on the door. The main disadvantage of keyless entry is the possibility of system failure. For instance, the door might fail to open even after it scans your fingerprint.


There are many security door dealers in Australia today. The doors are cheaper than they were a few years ago. The cost of the door is determined by the features it has. Other expenses you have to consider before buying are the transport and installation costs. Professionals are best suited to install doors with electronic systems, as you don't want them to malfunction.

When shopping for a security door, visit as many outlets and see what each dealer has to offer. It is also an opportunity to compare the pricing.

When buying a security door, ensure its design and the materials used to make it are appealing. Further, determine the kind of locking system used and the cost of the security door.