4 Reasons why you should add insulation to your roller shutter doors

Posted on: 13 October 2018


Roller shutters are effective and convenient doors for many different premises. They're easy to install, use, and modify as necessary. However, you can make your roller shutters even more useful by insulating them.

Adding insulation to your roller shutters means sealing any gaps (where air might leak through) and adding a protective layer to the door itself that prevents the easy movement of air when the door is closed. You may be wondering why sealing roller shutter doors is a good idea. Here are four ways you can benefit from insulated roller shutter doors.

1. Reduce heating and cooling costs

An insulated door can noticeably reduce the heating and cooling costs of your premises. By preventing leaking air, your HVAC system will work less to heat or cool your home as necessary. In fact, many buildings spend 50% of their energy on heating and cooling.

Roller shutter doors that aren't sealed often provide an easy surface for air to leak through. Therefore, sealing gaps and adding a layer of insulation can result in cost savings down the road.

2. Making the doors more durable

Insulated roller shutters are more durable than regular shutters. This is because they often have an additional layer (in the form of a strengthening frame) installed on the door itself, making it less prone to damage over time.

A sealed roller shutter door is also more resistant to daily wear and tear, such as scratches, dents and weather damage. If you rely on your roller shutters for security, insulating them will certainly keep your business more secure.

3. Reducing noise levels

Insulated roller shutter doors are also excellent at blocking out noise. In fact, when the doors are pulled shut, they act as natural noise insulators, and they prevent your business from receiving noise complaints.

If you're operating a manufacturing plant or you deal with sound equipment, having sealed roller shutters can reduce noise levels by preventing leaking air.

4. Make the doors easier to operate

Sealed roller shutter doors fit perfectly along the entire frame when closed. You will find that the insulation process covers up any loose edges, hinges, and handles that were making it harder for you to open or close your doors.

After proper insulation, the roller shutters will slide smoothly and effortlessly along the entire frame. In this way, the doors will be easier to operate in your home or business. No more experiences where the doors get stuck midway along the frame when opening/closing.