Signs It's Time to Replace Your Sliding Door

Posted on: 17 July 2019


Having a patio that is not only beautiful but also easily accessible is the dream of every homeowner. The patio is the one place in anyone's home where they get to sit and enjoy watching the sunset while drinking a glass of wine. One of the things that make your patio stand out is a sliding door. It not only increases the value of your home; It also brings out your home's beauty. 

But, like any other door, time and unforeseen elements can make the sliding door wear down, meaning that you will require a sliding door replacement at some point. Here are three signs that indicate it's time to replace your sliding door.


When buying glass sliding doors, one of the most critical concerns every homeowner has, is about the door's energy efficiency. Apart from merely looking at the style or design of the sliding door, most people also consider its energy efficiency, especially during the winter season. But, when you get condensation on your sliding door, this is a sign that your door has a problem.

Condensation on your sliding door is an indication that the warm air in your house is reaching the door's outside panel. This causes the warm air to condense and form fog. This is a clear indication that the sliding door is no longer properly sealed. When you notice this sign, then it is time to have a sliding door replacement service fix your sliding door.

Difficult to open or close

Every door is made to open and close smoothly, but when this becomes a challenge, it's time to have it replaced. A sliding door that is difficult to open or close is not only annoying but also a potential danger to children. For instance, your child can hurt themselves when trying to open the door. Having a sliding door replacement service deal with your door helps prevent accidents from occurring.


Gaps between your sliding door can be a serious issue, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. You not only end up losing money but also cannot cool or heat your home appropriately. One of the ways you can determine if your sliding door has gaps is by using a flashlight and having someone stand outside. If you can spot the light while inside, then your door has gaps.

By identifying the above signs early enough, you get to address the issues and deal with them or replace the sliding door immediately.