Understanding Security Screen Doors

Posted on: 21 September 2020


To better understand what security screen doors are, you need to know the meaning of the following terms: security doors, regular window screens, regular screen doors and security screens. Once you understand them, it will be much easier to tell what a security screen door is.

The Meaning of the Terms Mentioned Above

  • Security Doors — These are strong solid doors made to withstand high impacts from either storms or intruders. How strong security doors are made depends on various tests, but the two major ones are a pull test and a jemmy test. You can read more about them below. After testing, the security doors are branded with an Australian standard number; this is the number used to determine whether a security door is of high-quality. If the security door lacks the number, it might mean it did not pass through testing.
  • Regular Window Screen — This is a mesh installed on your windows for three main reasons: privacy, to allow air circulation and to prevent insects from accessing your house. You should note that they are not strong enough to withstand large impacts from storms or burglars.
  • Regular Screen Doors — These are similar to regular window screens, but they are purposefully made for doors, meaning they are shaped to fit doors.
  • Security Screens — The addition of the word security to screens in the phrase security screens means that the screens, whether window screens or screen doors, have been made stronger and sturdier to withstand impacts from burglars and storms. This is what makes security screens differ from regular window screens or screen doors.

What, therefore, are security screen doors? These are security screens made purposefully for installation on doors. You might also come across security window screens that are made for installation on windows.

What Does Security Door Testing Involve?

There are two kinds of tests: a pull and Jemmy test. 

A pull test 

This involves the application of weights to susceptible attack points to see whether these points break or get damaged.

A jemmy test/lever attack test

These are tests that mimic a burglar's lever attacks on your door. They are centred on hinges and locks.

Why Would You Want to Install a Security Screen Door?

Think of it this way; what happens if you open a window that does not have a grill or mesh? You are left with a large opening that can give access to intruders or insects. Though the opening is great for air circulation, you don't want to risk intruders or face the nuisance caused by flying insects. Look for screen doors or window screens; they allow air circulation and privacy while at the same time preventing insects and fires from accessing your house.

If you live in a neighbourhood that has many burglar cases or an area that faces frequent storms, you might want to invest in a stronger screen door or screen window, which as indicated above is either a security window screen for your windows or a security screen door for your doors.