Why Install Plantation Shutters In a Modern Home?

Posted on: 25 November 2020


Understandably, many people associate plantation shutters with older-style properties, often those that were built in the Victorian era in Australia. However, this style of window shutter is not unique to Australia. Indeed, it can be found all over the Caribbean as well as much of southern Asia. Of course, the classic look of plantation shutters certainly suits older homes very well. There is no denying it. However, they also look very good in the majority of modern architectural styles, too. So, do not be put off choosing them even for newly built houses. Other than their appearance, which can blend in with a range of interior décor styles, why else would you want them in a modern home? Read on to find out.

Great Insulation in Summer and Winter

Because they form a solid layer between your glazing and the rest of your home, plantation shutters are extremely effective at keeping you warm and keeping you cool. In most homes, they are even better than heavy, lined curtains in this regard. The thermal insulation you obtain in summer will help to block out the sun's energy and keep your air-conditioning running at a minimum. When you have your central heating turned up in the winter months, the reverse is true and less heat will needlessly escape through your windows to the outside.

Light and Privacy Adjustment

The design of plantation shutters means that you will obtain a slatted barrier that you can move across your windows or glazed doors to provide privacy when it is needed. Unlike most blinds or pairs of curtains, however, the slats in the shutters can be adjusted, just like a set of louvres. This means you can set them so you can still see out without being unduly overlooked. In strong sunlight, you can also reduce glare without the need to block out all of the sun's rays and turn your electric lights on. The degree of fine control you get with light and privacy is remarkable with these sorts of shutters.

Better Ventilation

Another aspect of the slats you get with these shutters is that you can improve airflow into your home at a stroke. They were originally designed to allow air in while keeping sunlight out, after all. Nowadays, many homeowners are scared of leaving their windows open. However, with slatted shutters to protect you, it is possible to enjoy fresh air all of the time without worrying about someone climbing in through an open window.

For more information on plantation shutters, reach out to a local window company.