Why Install Skylights In Your Home?

Posted on: 25 May 2021


Roof-mounted windows are popular all over the world these days. As people convert their loft space into living accommodation, so there has been a demand for light at the top of properties. In this regard, skylights are the ideal solution since they can be installed into the roofline of most homes with relative ease. What are the main reasons you might have to have them fitted in your home and what are the benefits you can expect?

Add Space

Of course, the first thing to say about roof-mounted windows is that they allow natural sunlight in so you can see what you are doing. However, having them installed will do more for your internal space than merely brighten it up because it will also make it seem larger. With more light, so any room — whether it is in the eaves of your roofline or not — will feel airier. What's more, you will get a view out of your skylight, which will add to the spacious feeling of the room.

Improved Ventilation

Most skylights will open and close. Some are hinged in the middle and you just need to rotate them while others will push up and down from one side. Either way, you will able to air out your room much more effectively once you have had them installed. Better ventilation is not just good to avoid low air quality, however. By allowing air to flow through, you will lessen the build-up of dampness and mildew. This makes them particularly effective in bathrooms and en-suites.

Lower Expenditure Utilities

When sunlight floods a room, you will need to turn your electric lights on less often. In turn, this will mean keeping your carbon footprint and your electricity bills as small as possible. In the winter, you can also heat a room quite effectively from the sunlight coming in. If it is hot, then pull blinds across your skylights to prevent unwanted extra heat energy and help to lower your air-conditioning running costs.

Return On Investment

Once you have installed skylights into your roofline, the space beneath becomes usable. Whether you want an extra bedroom, a playroom or a study, skylights make such spaces feel as though they are genuinely a part of the home. In turn, this will add value to your home, so you should see an almost immediate return on your investment that you can realise at any moment you choose to sell.

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